Different Types of Treadmills and Their Features

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Treadmills date back to the 1800’s, though their initial purpose was not for exercise. It was in 1950’s that treadmills were created for medical purposes and for the fitness industry. Since then, they have improved and have constantly had more features added to them. Unlike much other equipment, however, treadmills have never gone out of the picture. Since their invention, they have been an effective solution to fitness and weight loss, and have been a common favorite.

You can usually find treadmills at the gym, but several people like to keep one handy at their homes. This makes it very convenient to walk or jog whenever you have free time, instead of having to prepare to go out for a run and to find time for that. Whether you are looking to buy a treadmill for yourself or are just wondering what kind of treadmill you should use at the gym, this article is going to explain the different types and the purposes they serve.

Manual Treadmills

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Manual treadmills came on the market a few decades ago. While they are not very common these days, they can still be found; some even argue that they are a lot better than electric treadmills! These do not run on electricity, but the roller-based belt moves only when you walk on it and manually push it backward. Manual treadmills are the least expensive. They are also light, though they have lesser features than other types, like recording vitals and setting speed. Manual treadmills are great for anyone who wants to walk and not to run. They do need some maintenance, and need to be oiled annually using a treadmill lubricant. This is because the friction between the belt and the deck is high and the surface under the belt needs to be greased in order to run smoothly.

Electric Treadmills

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Driven by electric motors, these treadmills have belts that run automatically when switched on. You can set the speed you want to walk on, as well as record your vitals and see how many calories you are burning. These treadmills usually also come with features like inclining. They cost more than manual treadmills, are heavier and take up more space. However, they are easier to maintain. While many electric motor treadmills also need the annual usage of a treadmill lubricant for optimal performance, some high-end ones also come without this requirement.

Hybrid Treadmills

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These are a combination of a motor treadmill and an elliptical machine; they have a two-foot track design like that of a stepper, while also incorporating the belt movement found in a treadmill. They are usually used by those looking for a cardio workout along with muscle building. They also tend to be more expensive, and servicing and maintaining isn’t as easy as applying a good treadmill belt lubricant.

The type of treadmill you choose depends on your preferences, your needs, your budget and also your willingness to spend time maintaining it.

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