What Does a Good Acne Treatment Kit Include?

acne treatment

Acne is a skin problem that is not limited to a gender, an age, or even a part of the world. It is something that people will all skin types around the world suffer from and are finding solutions for. This hunt for the best acne treatment has, inevitably, given birth to thousands and thousands of treatments. There are countless products in the market that promise to cure acne, and there are many of us who have spent uncountable amounts of money trying to experiment with these products. Amidst these, acne treatment kits are very common. An acne treatment kit is a set of products that promises to cater to all your skin care needs without needing any additional products.

acne treatment kit

However, with thousands of kit on the market, how do choose? What makes an acne treatment kit effective and indeed complete? Here are a few features you should look for in an acne treatment kit:


A good acne treatment kit will include a cleaner to help clean the daily accumulation of dirt, bacteria and oil. This also prepares the skin for the application of other products that are part of the routine, ensuring there is maximum absorption and therefore maximum benefit. A good cleanser should leave your skin feeling clean, supple and hydrated, and makes for an important part of any acne treatment.

Acne Fighters

The best acne treatment must include at least one of popular and effective acne fighting ingredients, like Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. These are solutions that are known to fight acne and are found in most over-the-counter creams and ointments for skin problems. A good acne treatment will include a cream or serum with these ingredients, so help fight the bacteria and the inflammation.

Skin Brightening and Toning

The problem with acne is not just the pimples and bumps, but also the acne scars that they leave behind. A good acne treatment kit will be complete with a scar reducing solution, whether it’s in the form of a cream, a lotion or a serum. This will help get rid of scars after the pimples have settled down, since it’s the brownish spots that can stay for months and make the skin look uneven.


An acne treatment kit may also include a moisturizer, or have moisturizing properties in the regular products. It is important to moisturize skin, since excess sebum often occurs from dryness, especially in the summer, causes pimples.

You might have to experiment for a while to see which acne treatment kit works best for you, but once you find it, it will be the only regimen you need. One such example of a complete acne treatment kit is the 30-Day Immune Acne Treatment System, which includes a cleanser, a treatment serum and a stimulating cream.

Note that the best acne treatment products will begin to show results after a couple of weeks, and must be discarded if they don’t make a difference after a month of usage.

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