What Makes the Perfect Galaxy S8 Plus Case

galaxy s8 plus case

Did you just get a new Galaxy S8 Plus or are looking to upgrade your existing one? In either case, it is an amazing phone and has amazing phone case options. From sleek to funky styles, there are several phone covers out there, and what you choose depends entirely on your preference. However, having seen and tried numerous phone covers, we like to pick our favorites, and this has made us rather familiar with what comes with the best, most reliable covers. Here are a few things we believe you should look for in a Galaxy S8 Plus case to ensure that the case you buy is reliable, long-lasting and also useful!

galaxy s8 plus case

Full Coverage

There are so many phone cases out there that look great, but provide almost no protection. Ironically, if you were to drop your phone, the cover would break! These are usually cheap hard plastic covers that come with various prints, but don’t provide full coverage. When looking for a good Galaxy S8 Plus case, you want to go for something that completely covers your phone. If it does have design cutouts, make sure these are not designed in a way that your phone would come in contact with the floor if it falls. A full coverage case will come up the sides of the phone, also provide edges that would protect the screen from suffering a direct hit in case of a drop.

Shock Absorbent

Ideally, your Galaxy S8 Plus case should also be shock absorbent. Given the sleek finish of the phone, it can easily suffer damage when dropped, which is why you need a cover that is shock proof and will not let any harm come to the phone. For the best results, your Galaxy S8 Plus case should be shock proof itself, meaning that it will not break itself if dropped, thus lasting for a long time. While these covers may cost around $15 and above, the money is worth it and you won’t have to invest in a new cover for a long time.  

The ideal Galaxy S8 Plus case will also be useful. You don’t just want something that protects your phone, but also does justice to the price by providing a cool function. For example, one of the coolest new trends are covers that provide storage. One such Galaxy S8 Plus case that doubles as a small wallet, and can hold a credit card. These cases have sliding compartments that open to reveal a small space where you can put your card before securing it shut. The compartment can be used for 4-5 cards, or also some cash. This is great because when you need to head out, all you need to do is grab your phone and you are good to go! Such an Galaxy S8 Plus case is highly recommended, since it provides additional functionality in a normal price range, while also giving your phone protection as well as an attractive appearance.

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